Batch: A-Levels (2020/22)

Looking back a year before, I feel proud of myself for having chosen Chelsea International Academy as my high school. I choose to learn from the best and that is what I found in this institution; the best faculty members, management authorities and school staff. Amid the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, our teachers were genuinely patient and encouraging enough while teaching us with their limited facilities. The lockdown period was born academically challenging and socially tiring. However, the level of attention given to every student’s development was second to none in Chelsea International Academy. The best part of my experience has got to be the open-armed friendliness that this school perpetuates. It has helped me grow from someone who was in a shell to someone who is comfortable and proud to be myself. Every activity that I’ve been part of in this school from club events to organizing welcome program for our juniors, has had a great impact on my social skills and has made me a better person than who I was a year before. So, like every other student that graduated from this school, I am a proud Chelsea soul and am honored to be the head girl in such an institution.

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