Batch: Plus 2 (2077/79)

Chelsea International is without a doubt the place to be if you are a young man striving for excellence. It is a co-education college with a good environment, supportive instructors and enthusiastic students. The teachers of Chelsea are highly qualified. They are a devoted team of men and women handed by an experienced principal. I say, “To every problem, there is a unique solution”. Chelsea became the best ever solution for me when I was in the state of dilemma, while choosing the college that can facilitate and excellent management education to me after my SEE exam. Many people would perceive the role of Head Boy as one with great power over others. Being a Head Boy, I promise to give all my services selflessly in the best possible way I can. I look upon the position as opportunity to encourage fellow Chelsea students towards great involvement in school activities, motivate them to use the platform of various opportunities provided with both zeal to learn and spirit to excel.  For me, it is the best choice I have ever made for the reason that everything is better here than the expectations that I had.

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