Student's Speak

Baibhab Bhattarai

 Batch : A-Levels (2017/19)

A year ago symbolizes for me the first time I came and knew something about Chelsea. Can you think of a place where one meets students from different backgrounds, temperaments, some mischievous, some bright and some really disciplined. Chelsea is a college with a good environment, supportive instructors and enthusiastic students. It is a place where one can learn, enjoy, play and grow. The expectations that I had for Chelsea after I came for the first time symbolizes all good aspects that I thought a place as college can have. Chelsea represents such a place of good expectation.

As a college head boy, I act as a role model for all students with regard to behavior, dress, academic rigor and general good conduct. I am also responsible to manage the other pupils who constitute the prefect team. I will lead the students and prepare activities that encourage and support the experience of the students. Being a head boy I will work with the teachers to create a better place to learn, mentor and inspire students. I am given responsibility in form of organizing and running school events which impresses teachers and also put myself in good stead for the future.

Prashamsha Aryal

Batch: A-Levels (2017/19)

?High school?. The word itself hints hidden mysteries and excitements. And, it has been the same for me. Returning to this nation after 4 years to join High School here has certainly been a big challenge for me. But fortunately enough, from the moment I stepped onto Chelsea, I have been guided and supported by the most skill full teachers. Encouraged as I was to take part in various Extra Curricular Activities, I have not only received intellectual abilities but also have grown as a human being. Being a part of the crew in drama ?Macbeth?, debating in Chelsea Debate Fest, organizing Extravaganza and Fresher?s day with the prefect council members and the list goes on. All of these have contributed to my personality development in ways I never imagined possible. It hasn?t been a year since I joined this institution but Chelsea feels so much like a home and all my friends and teachers my family. These memories and experiences are always going to be a major part of my life and I am going to carry them everywhere I go. I am and always will be, as Rajesh Sir says it, ?A proud Chelsea soul?.

Brijesh Pandey

 Batch: Plus 2 (2074/76)

School can become a temple of learning only when the student, the guardian, and the society, in harmony, endeavor to make it a place of pursuit for education, a sadhana; where the spring of punctuality, sanctity and thrust for knowledge flows. Vidhya Sanskar is a perfect synonym for quality education and molding the new generation of students into future leaders. I truly, deeply thank my high school for shaping me into the person I am today. Each and every experience has changed my life for the better, and without this particular high school, I don?t think I would be as successful as I have become today. For me Vidhyasanksar has brought both, a sense of pride and responsibility and to be given the opportunity to be a head girl and serve the school that fills my heart with utmost elation and affection.

Pratistha Pokharel

Batch: Plus 2 (2074/76)

I have been in Vidhyasanksar for more than 9 years and this school has given me everything one could ask for. It has allowed me to push the boundaries and leap forward on my educational journey. I have witnessed it all- from the immense support and guidance of both teaching and non-teaching staff to the care and concern of friends and classmates, from the compassion and kindness of helpers to the love of my juniors, Vidhyasanksar has given us all. All these factors have supported my development as a person, and I am sure that the same can be said for every single student in the school, as each of them venture onto their paths to become strong, independent and successful person.

Kushal Kadayat

Batch: Plus 2 (2077/79)

Chelsea International is without a doubt the place to be if you are a young man striving for excellence. It is a co-education college with a good environment, supportive instructors and enthusiastic students. The teachers of Chelsea are highly qualified. They are a devoted team of men and women handed by an experienced principal. I say, “To every problem, there is a unique solution”. Chelsea became the best ever solution for me when I was in the state of dilemma, while choosing the college that can facilitate and excellent management education to me after my SEE exam. Many people would perceive the role of Head Boy as one with great power over others. Being a Head Boy, I promise to give all my services selflessly in the best possible way I can. I look upon the position as opportunity to encourage fellow Chelsea students towards great involvement in school activities, motivate them to use the platform of various opportunities provided with both zeal to learn and spirit to excel.  For me, it is the best choice I have ever made for the reason that everything is better here than the expectations that I had.

Shreeya Acharya

Batch: A-Levels (2020/22)

Looking back a year before, I feel proud of myself for having chosen Chelsea International Academy as my high school. I choose to learn from the best and that is what I found in this institution; the best faculty members, management authorities and school staff. Amid the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, our teachers were genuinely patient and encouraging enough while teaching us with their limited facilities. The lockdown period was born academically challenging and socially tiring. However, the level of attention given to every student’s development was second to none in Chelsea International Academy. The best part of my experience has got to be the open-armed friendliness that this school perpetuates. It has helped me grow from someone who was in a shell to someone who is comfortable and proud to be myself. Every activity that I’ve been part of in this school from club events to organizing welcome program for our juniors, has had a great impact on my social skills and has made me a better person than who I was a year before. So, like every other student that graduated from this school, I am a proud Chelsea soul and am honored to be the head girl in such an institution.

When I entered Chelsea on the very first day, I was certainly very nervous. But now I believe that my college has fueled my confidence, growth and development. I’ve found great mentors, motivators and friends over here. The college aims at and succeeds in building a perfect balance between academics and Extra-Curricular. Likewise, the teachers here are the most approachable mentors that I have had overall my schooling years, and different institutions where I have been educated. The bond that a student and a teacher build here is truly special and everlasting. The teacher not only just impart syllabus-oriented knowledge but also prepare an individual for life. The student environment in the college is vibrant, for fulfilled yet focused towards self-realization, achievement and success. In short, I firmly believe that Chelsea International Academy substantially contributes to all round development of every student
(GRADE 12-SCIENCE) Batch-2078/79
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