Pre-Primary Level

Pre-Primary Level

The school has adopted both montessori and conventional methods of teaching for pre-primary level students. The school has separate play station, baby pool and playing materials for small children which help them learn by playing.
VSS believes in creating a secure and happy environment for children to come to school, a place, where two to five years old children engage in learning activities that are appropriate physically and psychologically.
Our methods are designed to help them to develop motor skills in their daily routine required for the development of independence of character.

We believe that emphasis should be given to acquire social skills which enable children to benefit from group activities within a multi-cultural environment.

We, moreover, believe pre-school to be a place where children’s emotional development lays the foundation for academic learning and their self-expression and creativity must be allowed to blossom through a rich variety of aesthetic experiences.


To help children in the process of self-learning in the use of their minds and senses in accordance with the methods and principles set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori.


Group A: We put emphasis on the five areas in Montessori Method: Practical Life Exercise, Sensorial Exercises, Montessori Language and Phonics (English), Montessori Mathematics, Montessori Cultural Subjects.

Group B: This is a supplementary curriculum comprising Nepali, English and Mathematics designed to prepare children for smooth transition to the primary level.


Early childhood program services are:

  1. Nursery
  2. Lower Kinder Garden
  3. Upper Kinder Garden


Qualified Montessori staff will dedicate themselves towards developing the full potential of the child.


Pre-Primary classes are held in two buildings with a play area. It consists of a wonderfully large and airy recreation hall, clean hygienic dining hall and audio-visual as well as dormitory. It also consists a big Montessori lab, language lab with different language schemes, book corner and computer.


We have a large and extremely comprehensive range of Montessori equipment as well as art area, sand area along with modern computers. The children have pool play/water play during summer season.


The children have musical and dance session with professional teachers during which they sing and play musical instrument.


We believe Drama as the part of curriculum. It is used to illustrate project and encourage role play.

Yoga and Taekwondo:

Professional teachers provide Yoga and Taekwondo classes to all the students. Children learn to meditate during yoga classes which help them build up patience in their life.

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