College Section

1. Introduction by Suresh Adhikari

It gives me pleasure and pride to introduce NEB +2 AT Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School, an undertaking of Chelsea International Academy. It is run by an expert team of individuals, who have been able to establish a prominent name in GCE A-Level in Nepal.

Our vision has always been to enable our students to cope with the challenge they may face in the future. Our strength is our highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty which is regarded as the major source in quality education. We have equipped ourselves with the best educational environment within our campus with wide range of facilities. The extra-curricular activities is emphasized to enrich and enhance the overall development of the students. Guidance counselling session to the students helps them to set and achieve their goals.

Virtuous vision of creating a students who can compete globally has been achieved with the sincere effort of our team.




XI(Science)XI (Management )
English – 0031English 0031
Nepali – 0011Nepali – 0011
Mathematics – 0071Social Studies & Life Skills Education – 0051
Chemistry – 3011Economics – 3031
Physics- 1011Accounting – 1031
Computer Science – 4271Business Mathematics – 4051
Biology – 2011Computer Science – 4271

XII (Science)XII (Management )
Nepali – 0021Nepali – 0021
English – 0041English 0041
Mathematics – 0081Social Studies & Life Skills Education – 0061
Physics – 1021Economics – 3041
Chemistry – 3021Accounting – 1041
Computer Science – 4281Business Mathematics – 4061
Biology – 2021Computer Science – 4281


2. Grade 11 & 12 Faculties

Bishwomber GautamAccountancy
Jay Prakash PoudelChemistry
Bachhu Ram GhimireEconomics
Gobinda GautamMathematics
Suresh Raj AwastiBusiness Maths
Laxman AryalPhysics
Meenu ShakyaBiology
Monika HamalNepali
Praphul ShakyaBiology
Ravi BhandariPhysics
Samir ShiwakotiBusiness/Marketing
Sashank ChapagainComputer
Shambu GhimireMathematics
Srijana KoiralaBiology
Tirtha Laxmi BajracharyaBiology
Usha TripathiEnglish
Suresh AwasthiBusiness Math
Bimala JaisiSocial Studies
Tirtha Laxmi BajracharyaBiology (Botany)
Santosh Kumar ThakurChemistry
Aashish PoudelPhysics / Chemistry/ Biology Lab Incharge


3. Prefect Council


Head boy : Kushal Kadayat 

Batch : + 2 (2077/79)

Chelsea International is without a doubt the place to be if you are a young man striving for excellence. It is a co-education college with a good environment, supportive instructors, and enthusiastic students. The teachers of Chelsea are highly qualified. They are a devoted team of men and women handed by an experienced principal. I say, “To every problem, there is a unique solution”. Chelsea became the best ever solution for me when I was in a state of dilemma while choosing the college that can facilitate an excellent management education for me after my SEE exam. Many people would perceive the role of Head Boy as one with great power over others. Being a Head Boy, I promise to give all my services selflessly in the best possible way I can. I look upon the position as an opportunity to encourage fellow Chelsea students towards great involvement in school activities, motivate them to use the platform of various opportunities provided with both zeal to learn and spirit to excel.  For me, it is the best choice I have ever made for the reason that everything is better here than the expectations that I had.



Prefect : Charwi Karki (XII)
Prefect : Reshab Rai (XII)
Prefect : Prithvi Raj Ghimire (XII)
Prefect : Evan Shrestha (XII)
Prefect : Jasmine Adhikari (XII)


4. Admissions

The school takes admission in Grade 11 as per the requirement of National Examination Board (NEB). So, fresh SEE (Secondary Education Examination) graduates who fulfill the following eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply.

PROGRAMMIN GPAMIN C+ required subjectsMIN D+ required subjects
Grade 11
3.0 in SEEScience
Grade 11
2.6 in SEEEnglish


5. Scholarships

Both Science and Non-Science)

  1. CIA Entrance Topper with SEE GPA 4.0 (2 seats) – 100%
  2. CIA Entrance topper (2 seats) – 75%
  3. CIA Entrance Top 10 with SEE grade 3.8 and above (10 seats) – 65%
  4. SEE Grade: 3.7 to 3.79 (10 seats) – 50%
  5. SEE Grade: 3.6 to 3.69 (10 seats) – 40%
  6. SEE Grade: 3.5 to 3.59  (20 seats) – 35%
  7. SEE Grade: 3.2 to 3.49  (10 seats) – 25%
  8. SEE Grade: 3 to 3.2 (10 seats) – 20%
  9. Under privileged (5 seats) – 50%



Apart from academics, students are highly motivated to get involved in the activities that fall outside the realm of normal curriculum of the study. Such activities help the students to explore their hidden talents, facilitate the socialization and develop leadership qualities. The school administration has approved various E.C.A. clubs initiated by the students themselves through which they carry out the activities of their interest and help themselves understand better. Besides, the students are encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities conducted by the college.

  • Regular Basketball Training
  • Regular Table tennis Training
  • Jazz Band
  • Theatre
  • Sports Club
  • Social Service Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Debating Club Drama
  • Cultural Club Science
  • Technology Club

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