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A-Level is an Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (GCE A-Level) qualification which is equivalent to a two-year intermediate level study in Nepal. Run under Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Board, a part of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), GCE has been offering Advanced Level qualification for more than half a century throughout the world.

Introduction by Rajesh Adhikari

I feel proud to introduce the internationally acclaimed GCE A-Levels of Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK at Chelsea International Academy. From the very first day of its inception, Chelsea has been proving itself as a premier A-level institution of the country. I feel delighted to inform that my students have been producing world class results and few of them have been awarded with the ?World Topper? award by Cambridge in different occasions. The rigor of A-Level curriculum has helped many students from Chelsea to get placement in top colleges/Universities of the world. The strong and well established alumni of Chelsea stand as a proof of the quality education that we provide here.

I take this opportunity to invite those who want to be the part of this competitive world class pre-university education at Chelsea International Academy.

I promise to provide the best resources with ample co-curricular exposures, proper guidance counseling with perfect disciplined academic environment. Come and join us and be a ?Proud Chelsea Soul?.

Why A-Level

  1. Flexibility : The structure of the A Level course allows students considerable flexibility in designing a stimulating program of study. Students have the options of choosing either A Level or AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level courses in order to fulfill the Level requirements. Students choose the length and depth of study which matches their interests.
  2. Rigor: Demanding and stretchable courses for students. Students can also take a heavy course load for an additional challenge.
  3. International Standards:The program sets a standard education around the world.
  4. Recognition: An A Level degree is recognized by countries across the globe as meeting their requirements for entry into higher education.

Course Details

Compulsary for all faculties

1. English General Paper (AS)

2. Science Subject (Choose at least 3 subjects)3. Non-Science Subjects (Choose at least 3 subjects)
Physics (A)Economics (A)
Chemistry (A)Business (A)
Biology (A)Accounting (A)
Mathematics (A)Sociology (A)
Computer Science (A)Psychology (A)
Economics (A)Mathematics (A)
Psychology (A)Information Technology (A)
Art and Design (AS)

2. A-LEVELS Faculties

Narendra AdhikariAccounting
Sanjeet MaharjanArt & Design
Anita SimkhadaBiology
Manish ChaudharyBusiness
Sajani Thapa MagarChemistry
Kiran ShresthaChemistry
Anish PoharelComputer/ IT
Ratna PrajapatiComputer Science
Shyam Pd. BhattaraiEconomics
Bhanu Bhakta GautamEnglish General Paper
Sthir Raj ChapagainEnglish General Paper
Lalit GhimireMathematics
Rudra PandeyMathematics
Mahesh NiraulaPhysics
Aakash PokheralPhysics
Rajan Swor RaiPhysics
Suman Neupane Psychology
Dr. Budhibal ChettriSociology
Aashish PoudelPhysics (Lab In-charge)
Amrita DevkotaChemistry/Biology (Lab In-charge)

3. Prefect Council

Chelsea International Academy has a selected body from second year students (A2), who are nominated to tenant appointments in the Prefects Council. The Prefects? Council being an important body, deep selection, based upon a criteria, is done by the Selection Committee, before appointing students to the Council.

Prefects 2018

Head boy : Baibhab Bhattarai

Baibhab Bhattarai
Head Boy
Baibhab Bhattarai

A year ago symbolizes for me the first time I came and knew something about Chelsea. Can you think of a place where one meets students from different backgrounds, temperaments, some mischievous, some bright and some really disciplined. Chelsea is a college with a good environment, supportive instructors and enthusiastic students. It is a place where one can learn, enjoy, play and grow. The expectations that I had for Chelsea after I came for the first time symbolizes all good aspects that I thought a place as college can have. Chelsea represents such a place of good expectation.

As a college head boy, I act as a role model for all students with regard to behavior, dress, academic rigor and general good conduct. I am also responsible to manage the other pupils who constitute the prefect team. I will lead the students and prepare activities that encourage and support the experience of the students. Being a head boy I will work with the teachers to create a better place to learn, mentor and inspire students. I am given responsibility in form of organizing and running school events which impresses teachers and also put myself in good stead for the future.

Head girl : Prashamsha Aryal

Prashamsha Aryal
Head Girl
Prashamsha Aryal

?High school?. The word itself hints hidden mysteries and excitements. And, it has been the same for me. Returning to this nation after 4 years to join High School here has certainly been a big challenge for me. But fortunately enough, from the moment I stepped onto Chelsea, I have been guided and supported by the most skill full teachers. Encouraged as I was to take part in various Extra Curricular Activities, I have not only received intellectual abilities but also have grown as a human being. Being a part of the crew in drama ?Macbeth?, debating in Chelsea Debate Fest, organizing Extravaganza and Fresher?s day with the prefect council members and the list goes on. All of these have contributed to my personality development in ways I never imagined possible. It hasn?t been a year since I joined this institution but Chelsea feels so much like a home and all my friends and teachers my family. These memories and experiences are always going to be a major part of my life and I am going to carry them everywhere I go. I am and always will be, as Rajesh Sir says it, ?A proud Chelsea soul?.

Prefect : Amit Sharma
Prefect : Sanjeev Maharjan
Prefect : Romanshikha Singh
Prefect : Rijan Kafle
Prefect : Devasha Pant

Clubs at Chelsea

Chelsea International Academy encourages the students to involve in co-curricular activities inside and outside the school campus. Students have been participating in different clubs like Social Service Club, Environment Club, Drama and Debating Club, Journalism Club, Art Club, Cultural Club, Science and Technology, International Student club, Sporting club and Interact Club. Student Council provides opportunity to develop leadership skills. Chelsea International Academy has been focusing in bringing out the hidden talents of students. Intra and inter College competitions are conducted to enhance their competitive performances and group interactions among different communities.


Executive Committee

President : Prarup Babu Tiwari (A2)
Vice President : Pranjali Rijal (AS)
Secretary : Muna Bhattarai (A2)
Treasurer : Samyog Adhikari (AS)


Executive Committee

President : Prajwal Tiwari (A2)
Vice President : Dikshyant Thapa (AS)
Secretary : Bibek Acharya (A2)
Treasurer : Rumru Hang Rai (AS)


Executive Committee

President : Gaurav Deo Bhatta (A2)
Vice President : Apekshya Khanal(AS)
Secretary : Nikhil Karki (A2)
Treasurer : Niyam Kumar Acharya (AS)


Executive Committee

President : Aarogya Banepali
Vice President : Pratham Subedi
Secretary : Asal Pandey
Treasurer : Aarambha Adhikari


Executive Committee

President :Adeeti Ghimire (A2)
Vice President : Animesh Baral(AS)
Secretary : Aarogya Banepali (A2)
Treasurer : Kinjle Nepal (AS)

ART Club

Executive Committee

President : Shreya Gurung
Vice President : Reetvij Gurung
Secretary : Paawan Shrestha
Treasurer : Yalamber Limbu


Executive Committee

President : Diya Mandal (A2)
Vice President :Chirag GC (AS)
Secretary :Janak Paudel(A2)
Treasurer : Abhik Risal (AS)

International Student Relation Club

Executive Committee

President : Anush Maharjan (A2)
Vice President : Niyog Upreti (AS)
Secretary :Gunesh Kr. Jha (A2)
Treasurer :Subhanjali Dahal (AS)

Sporting Club

Executive Committee

President :Unika Gurung (A2)
Vice President :Abhinav Gaire (AS)
Secretary :Aman Devkota (A2)
Treasurer : Mars Raj Verma (AS)

5. Admissions

No special degree is required for students who wish to enter the A-Level course. Students who have taken the SLC or equivalent at the time of admission can apply. Students who have completed the GCE O-Level or IGCSE at other schools are also eligible. The main requirement is that students should be academically able to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program. Each year this school uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the program.

6. Scholarships

1. Based on Entrance (Both Science and Non-Science)

  • 1st Position – Full Scholarship (both on Admission and Tuition)
  • 2nd & 3rd Position – 50% Scholarship (both on Admission and Tuition)
  • 4th – 10th Position – 25% Scholarship (both on Admission and Tuition)

2. Orphan (1 Seat) – 50% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee)

3. Underprivileged (1 Seat) – 50% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee)

4. Differently Abled (1 Seat) – 50% Scholarship (both i n Admission and Tuition Fee)

5. Student from remote district  (2 Seats) – 50% Scholarship (both i n Admission and Tuition Fee)

6. Son/ Daughter of Teacher (1 Seat) –  50% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee)

7. Son/Daughter of Martyr (1 Seat) –  100% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee)

8. Student coming within top 10 in Internal Assessments – 25% Scholarship (in Tuition Fee)

9. District Topper * (4 G PA )  (5 seats) – 50% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee) (must be within Top 20 in entrance test)

10. National Level Player * (1 Seat) – 50% Scholarship (both in Admission and Tuition Fee)

Scholarship f or heading 1 should have more than 3.65 GPA in class ten evaluation and scholarship for heading 2-8 will be a warded only after the identification of authentic documents by the Scholarship Committee of Chelsea International Academy

  • District Topper Students will have to provide the confirmation letter from the office of the District education.
  • National Player will have to submit the authentic documents from National Sports Council.

All students studying under scholarship scheme should maintain their position within top 25 in all internal examinations. Scholarship scheme will be terminated if the student fails to do so.

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