Subject: A formal Notification of Mr. Jeetu Gurung?s Present Health Status

Dear well-wishers,


I would like to draw your attention regarding the present health status of Mr. Jeetu Gurung, A Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of Chelsea International Academy; A Level Programme. As we all know that Jeetu Gurung has been hospitalized for more than a month. I would like to share the process and recent updates in a formal way. :


  1. As it was noticed that he had been suffering with the Jaundice, he was taken to the nearest hospital, Bharosha, New Baneshwor.
  2. Referred to the Teaching hospital for further treatment. Could not admit because of lack of seat.
  3. Admitted at Norvic Hospital, Thapathali, for a week, but there was no progress.
  4. ?Consulted with Dr. A K Singh (A Senior Hepatologist), taken for further diagnosis and found as severe hepatomegaly.
  5. Admitted at Civil Hospital, continued treatment in high care unit for twenty days. Still there was no remarkable progress.
  6. It made whole Chelsea/ Vidhya Sanskar family much worried.
  7. We consulted the nearest people like alumni, teachers, staff, students and many well-wishers. Found overwhelmed supportive responses for his further treatment. We were almost prepared even for lever transplant if required. The response of everyone proved the real oneness of Chelsea/ Vidhya Sanskar family. I was really amazed to see this kind of feeling.
  8. His condition became worse day by day and we took decision to take him to Delhi.
  9. Accordingly, he was taken to Sir Ganga Ram hospital, New Delhi. With the help of Dr. A.K Singh, he was under treatment of Chairman of Liver Unit.
  10. It was decided not to go through lever transplant due to various reasons. The basic essentiality was donor, status of the patient, sustainability after operation. After the consultation of the doctors and considering all these factors the transplant was not feasible and decided to go with medication.
  11. At present, he is stable and slight improvement is seen in appetite. The Doctors have emphasized to the balanced diet and long term medicine as well as hospitalizing. The condition is still -wait and see. The Doctors have suggested him to be back after a week when he gains some strength and he will be under supervision of Dr. A K Singh in Kathmandu. My special thanks goes to Dr. A K Singh and Mr. Rajesh Adhikari, who were accompanying Mr. Jeetu with his wife in Delhi. At the same time, I cannot forget you all who are directly and indirectly connected with this case.


Let?s pray for his speed recovery!


Sudhir Kumar Jha
Principal / founder Director
Chelsea International Academy
Vidhya Sanskar Higher Secondary School

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